Every once in a while you get a question where the answer is “Don’t do it! Don’t touch it! Back away slowly!”  For example this one: ” I am getting a lot of links in my email that says I need a ttp app to open. I’m using win 10 64 bit. Microsoft browser.  Is this app safe and if so where do I find it. I have searched the windows app store and I don’t know which app to chose.Here is one example.It was from Biocilum. Amazing new hair loss ———— It was in blue and underlined. A box above it said to click or touch. When you click another .ox appears that says that you will need a new app to open this ttp. Look in the app store.  This was one of several I have received, on all of them the email just contains only this link that you need the ttp app to open.”


I’m betting that the error actually says you need a new app to open this “HTTP.”  Normally, I’d tell you to set a default browser for opening links in email messages.  Sometimes in Windows 10, Edge is the default browser and you need to switch your default browser to Internet Explorer to open certain links.


But in this case, stay as far away from opening anything in those emails as you can. An email containing only a link is a major red flag that it is spam, malware, or even worse, ransomware.

Do not open them.  Even if they come from addresses you recognize. If you think it might be a legitimate link from a friend, contact that friend and ask them if they sent it. Don’t just reply to that email, either. Write a separate message.

I get dozens of these messages every day. Don’t fall for it.  If you click on these links, you may find yourself asking how to unlock your PC after it’s been taken over by ransomware

~ Cynthia