Delivery Drones Take Flight In U.K.

Amazon has started trials of a drone delivery service in Cambridge. You’ll recall that U.S. flight rules made it too difficult to get the tests off the ground in the U.S., though Amazon says it hadn’t given up on the idea.


The company has already made deliveries via the drones that pick the packages up directly from the conveyor belt at a delivery center and fly them to nearby locations.  The drones only fly in daylight with good weather. When in service, they can bring products to a home within 30 minutes of orders being placed.

Kenmore Gets Into The Digital Assistant Game

You probably recognize Kenmore as an appliance brand available at Sears, but they’ve also jumped into the digital assistant game with Alfie, a personal shopper. While this device might remind you of an Amazon dot or other devices like Google Home, Alfie only works as a personal shopping assistant. So, it can’t adjust the temperature, play music, schedule an appointment, or lock your doors like smart home assistants.


What it can do is help you find product reviews, search for deals, reorder popular items, and help you pick the perfect gifts. In some areas, you can even schedule grocery deliveries and reorders of popular items.  And even though it does come from Sears, Alfie doesn’t just point you in the direction of Sears products. Alfie retails for just under $20 at select Sears stores or online.

Google Home Will Start Your Car

The range of tasks that Google Home can complete for you is growing daily. Soon, if you happen to own a Hyundai Sonata, you’ll be able to lock your car and even start it with a voice request to your Google Home device.


Drivers can also look up directions and then have them sent to the car or control the heating or air conditioning to make sure the vehicle is set at a comfortable temperature before they get in. They features can also be controlled by smartwatches.

~ Cynthia