There’s a new flash drive in town – and boy, is it a big one. Kingston’s latest removable storage drive holds a full 2 TB of date. That’s right, two terabytes.  That’s 2,000 gigabytes. It’s like putting a little server in your pocket.

The company unveiled the new drive at the CES show in Las Vegas last week.  Despite all that data, this drive is still pocket size measuring 3″ x 1″ x .83″.   The drive is USB 3.1 for maximum speed. So how much can it hold?

  •  70 hours of 4k vide0
  • 1.7 million pages of Office documents
  • 400, 000 songs
  • 600,000 photos
  • 96 PC Games
  • 64 backups of your PC

In short, it holds a heck of a lot of stuff.  If you’re carrying that much valuable data around, you’ll want it to be sturdy, and this drive is constructed out of a zinc-alloy metal.

According to a spokesperson for Kingston, “At Kingston, we push the limits of what’s possible.”

This device seems like a great tool for video professionals. It’s also an alternative as the hard drive space on devices seems to get smaller and smaller as the devices get thinner and lighter. If you aren’t comfortable keeping everything in the cloud, this can be a convenient alternative.

It works with Window 7, 8, 8.1, & 10, as well as Mac OS 10.9 and above, Linux 2.6 and above, and the Chrome OS.

Sounds great, right?  Well, before you pick one up, you might want to check out the price. Kingston says they expect the drive to sell for around $900. That is less that they’re charging for their Predator 1TB USB drive – it still runs over $1,000.

Are you ready for a 2TB flash drive. How much would you be willing to pay for one? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia