Help! I Need To Take A Picture Of The Screen

Sometimes you really need to grab a screenshot of what’s happening on your PC. A screenshot is simply a picture of what’s displayed on the screen. It can come in handy for troubleshooting or if there’s something you want to show someone. But many people, like this reader, aren’t sure how to do it. “Please help! I’m playing a game on Facebook and every time that I have a problem they ask me to take a picture of the problem and mail it to them. But I just don’t know how to do that! I have Windows 10 with Edge and IE.”
There are multiple ways to grab a screenshot. The easiest is probably to press the PrtScn key on your keyboard. You will usually find it on the upper-right side of the keyboard. Depending on your device you may need to press the Windows key or the Alt key in conjunction with the PrtScn key.
That will copy the image. Then you’ll need to paste the image. Open Paint or Word or a similar program and then right-click and choose “Past” from the drop-down menu or press Ctrl V.  You may also be able to paste the image directly into the emails.
You could also use the Windows Snipping Tool.  Just type Snipping Tool in the search box and click on the results.
The Snipping Tool will open. Click the arrow next to New to select the shape of the snip.  You can choose either a full screen or just a section of the screen.
Once you select the image, you’ll have the option to edit or save the image into a file. You can then attach to an email or upload as needed.  Click the email icon and you can choose to sent from within the Snipping Tool.
If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you can click the Web Note Icon.
 Then choose the “clip” icon to select the part of the screen you want to capture.
Then choose to save or share that screenshot.
~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Help! I Need To Take A Picture Of The Screen

  1. Cynthia, somehow I just never get prt screen or snipping right. I just break out the old D200, click a few, download and attach to email to them. Works for me, Trish

  2. Use the snipping tool and it is a convenient way to grab a screen, beats the old days! But is there anyway we can scroll if part of what we want is doesn’t show on the screen? Guess the real limitation to me is lack of being able to print without having to save the snip first. Had hoped in Win10 this would have been addressed.

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