A reader has picked up an unwanted hitchhiker on his Firefox browser. “Recently Unzip appears when I click my logo for Firefox on the main screen. How did I get unzip and how do I get rid of it permanently.  I have to change my default page every time. ”


You’ve been hijacked and you probably didn’t even know it. Likely it happened when you were downloading or updating something else. There was probably something in the fine print about installing an add-on. This add-on has taken over your homepage. It attempts to look like your standard Google search page, but you’ll notice it says “enhanced by Google.” That doesn’t mean it’s actually the Google home page.


Let’s take a look at how to get rid of it. Click the menu icon to the upper-right of Firefox and choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu.


Look for MyWay or any other add-on you don’t remember authorizing. Find it and then click “remove.”


But we aren’t finished yet. They’ve redirected your homepage. We need to fix it. So let’s click Options from the Firefox Menu.


Type in your preferred page or reset to default.


~ Cynthia