Origins of Skiing in Canada’s National Capital Region

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Canada. Today I’m bringing you their virtual exhibit on the Origins of Skiing in the National Capital Region.

The first thing I did was look up what area is considered the National Capital Region. I discovered it is the official federal designation for the Canadian Capital of Ottawa, Ontario, the neighboring city of Gatineau, Quebec, and the surrounding urban and rural communities in the vicinity.

After that I was ready to dive in, so I clicked the red English button near the Visit the Exhibit text. Once it loads, you’ll find a brief introduction to the exhibit with navigation options along the top. They are Gallery, Thumbnail Gallery, and Stories. That means you basically have two options for how you want to start browsing: image or text.

I selected to start with Stories. I wasn’t disappointed! These are special narratives crafted using images, sound, and text that help craft the story of the exhibit. I highly recommend checking this out!

The Gallery option allows you to navigate through the 115 images in the exhibit one by one. The Thumbnail Gallery allows you to navigate through the same images but in a a gallery view with 18 images per page. You can then click on an image to learn more about it and make it larger.

This is a really interesting exhibit that explores the history of skiing in the National Capital Region of Canada. Go check it out for yourself today!


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