You are browsing the web one day, and suddenly you come across a font that caught your eye. Perhaps it was used for a webpage’s text, or maybe you saw it in a logo. You want to know what the font’s name is, but how would you know how to search for it?bWith a web tool called WhatTheFont, you can find out what it is called.


Open the web browser of your choice. In this tutorial, Google Chrome will be used.


If the font is used inside an image file, such as a logo – right-click the image and save it on your PC.  For this demonstration, we’ll use Google’s logo.

If the font is contained in text, you can use the Windows Snipping Tool to cut out a sample of the text.

Just press the Windows Start button and type in “snipping tool.” Then click on the result to open.


Using the Snipping Tool, crop out a sample of the text. First, press “New”. Click and drag the cursor through the text. Note: If possible, zoom in as close as you can to make the text bigger. The bigger and crisper the text is, the more likely it can be recognized accurately.

You should come up with something similar like this.

Right-click the image, click “Save as” and save the image on your desktop.

Now it’s time to head over to

To submit your image, click the browse file next to Upload an image file.

Then select the image you saved earlier and choose open.

The screen will change. If the letters are clear enough, the app will be able to figure out what each of the letters are (as seen inside the red box below). Sometimes, you will find that some of the input boxes are blank. Fill them in according to the letter above the text box.

The app will return a list of fonts that matches the font on the uploaded image the most.

Notes: Using WhatTheFont will not always lead to accurate results. Sometimes it can figure out what the exact font is, but other times it can only give you a font that looks similar to it. To increase your chances of finding the font you’re looking for, try to make the text that you’re uploading as crisp as possible, with an adequate amount of space between each letter.

~ Johnatan Fallen