Razer Introduces A 3-Screen Laptop

If, like me, you love the flexibility of working dual or triple-screen PC setup, you’re going to love this laptop by Razer. The 3-screen 17-inch project Valerie is designed for gamers. The two extra screens fold out when you open up the laptop.


This isn’t an ultra-thin device, it’s expected to weight just under 12 pounds. But it’s certainly more portable than carrying around a desktop and three monitors.  Since this machine is designed for gamers, it will be able to work with virtual reality headsets. Right now, it’s still a concept device, so there’s no word on what a finished model will cost.  Click here to view a video of Project Valerie.

Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

Sony’ new Experia Projector will allow you to turn any flat surface into an Android touch screen device.  Sony just unveiled the concept device that makes your table, wall, floor, or any flat surface an interactive screen. You can watch movies, play games, have a video chat with someone.


You can project a recipe right onto the work surface without having to worry about smudging a phone. Or give your toddler free reign to play a game on the floor with no worries about the child dropping the device.  The projector will also respond to gestures and voice commands.  Click here to watch a video.

Apple Executives Take Pay Cut After Sales Fall

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other top Apple leaders are getting a 1o% pay cut this year, all due to falling sales for Apple products. The company fell 5% short of its income goal and nearly 4% short of the sales goals.

Since executives receive incentive-based pay, they’re only getting 90% of what they could have made. Don’t feel too sorry for Cook, he did manage to take up almost $12 million for 2016, but that was $10 million less than the year before.

Experts say slowing iPhone sales are being the drop in income.

~ Cynthia