It’s the end of an Internet era. When Yahoo’s sale of its core email and web portal business to Verizon is complete, the company plans to change its name to Altbaba. The change reflects the company’s change in focus from email, news, and other consumer Internet service to their new focus as a major stakeholder in the Chinese import company Ailbaba.


Several members of the board, including CEO Marissa Mayer, will step down.  Mayer is expected to go to Verizon with the Internet services business.  We told you last week that Verizon has expressed concern about the nearly $5 billion deal due to massive data breaches that exposed the personal information of Yahoo Mail users.

What do you think of the sale?  Do you think Yahoo Mail users will be better served by a company like Verizon that is focused on communications, as opposed to a company where something else is the focus? (Remember, Verizon also acquired AOL for $4 billion in 2015.) No word yet on what, if any changes, are in store for Yahoo! Mail users.

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~ Cynthia