Welcome to this amazing site! The National Ballet of Canada is unique for having one of the few archives of its history, and in addition to that they’ve made a virtual museum so that people all around the world can experience it.

When you arrive at the site, I recommend reading the introduction and learning more about the collection. Created in 1975, the archive serves as a way of preserving the company’s history. They’ve digitized items to make available on the web. As you scroll down the page, you’ll notice the items are divided up into collections based on Notable Ballet Productions, Set and Costume Designers, and the Tutu Project.

If you choose to look at the Notable Ballet Productions, you’ll pick a production to browse. Each production has an introduction page that tells you about it, offers you production notes, and a link to view the exhibit.

Set and Costume Designers takes you to a page where you can select specific designers to learn more about and check out the museum’s gallery for their work.

The Tutu Project is an interactive, community driven project about the history of the tutu. You can learn all about tutus and see an amazing collection of tutus.

This is an incredible look into the history of the National Ballet of Canada and a really unique collection. Go check it out today!