Exploring Edge: Part 2

Yesterday we took another look at Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has made quite a few change to the browser since it was first introduced.  Today, we’ll continue checking out Edge and its features.  One of the nicest ones is Reading View.

When visiting a site, you’ll also notice that on some pages, right next to that star icon, is a book icon for Reading View. If the
option is active, you can click on it and the page will be displayed without ads and other extraneous information.


Next to Reading List, you’ll see the icon for making Web Notes. This lets you grab a screenshot of the page and draw or write
notes on it, using some simple tools like a pen and highlighter. You can choose from a small range of colors and brush sizes for those tools. This isn’t for creating masterpieces, just making quick notes. It’s one of those tools that you can use with either a mouse or digital pencil. You’ll have a lot more control with a digital pencil. Web Notes probably comes in handier at work than it will at home. Once your notes are complete, you can then save or share the image.


The share button is probably something that you might be familiar with in Windows 10. If not, take note of it, you’ll see it
in a lot of places. Click it and you’ll get options to share with apps installed on your device.


We’ll continue our look at Edge tomorrow in part 3 of this series.

~ Cynthia

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