Help! Should I Let Malware Bytes Make Changes?

A reader wrote in a panic after installing Malwarebytes. “I recently installed (I thought) Malwarebytes, I clicked on it yesterday, and it asked if I wanted to let this Program make changes to my computer, YES or NO???  I didn;t know what to do so I just backed out of it.  What do I do??  Did it not install properly??  Should I let it make the changes??  HELP!!!”


If you did indeed install Malwarebytes,  the answer is yes.  You can check your installed programs to make sure that Malwarebytes is actually there, but since you say you installed it, we can probably assume that it is. If Malwarebytes is going to be able to find and remove malware, the program is going to need to be able to make changes to the computer. Deleting malware is a change to the computer. In fact, installing a program is making a change to a computer, so you’ll often be asked that question when you’re installing something.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Help! Should I Let Malware Bytes Make Changes?

  1. It sounds to me that she aborted the installation by checking the NO box preventing the installation. She should definitely look for the program in programs and features.

  2. I installed the Premium/paid version of MWB at the beginning of 2013 and am very pleased with the program. Last week, I upgraded to version 3.0, in which Malwarebytes combines Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, Anti-Ransomware, Website Protection, and Remediation technologies all into a single product. The idea is great, but the CPU on both of my computers runs very high when WWB 3.0 scans and updates. Even with a lot of RAM, it slows processes down during scans and updates, although those tasks won’t take very long. Hopefully MWB will find a fix for that!

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