We’ve been checking out what’s new with Microsoft’s newest browser, Microsoft Edge. There have been several tweaks to the program since it came out in 2015. Click here to read part 1 and here to read part 2.

Let’s look more at Edge.  When you first open a tab in Edge, you’ll probably ask yourself, “Where the heck is the address bar?” Until you choose a homepage, you’ll open your tabs on the default start page which shows top sites and features news and weather. To get to a site you need to start typing in the search box. You can type whatever you’re searching for or just the address.


To choose a new homepage, you’ll need to click the menu button. That’s the little icon of three dots to the far right of the


Click the icon and you’ll get a drop-down menu that gives you a lot of choices. You can open a new window or choose to use
open a New InPrivate Window to give you extra-secure browsing that doesn’t allow cookies. It may be difficult to use
some sites in a private Window. Use Zoom to make the page larger or to zoom out. Zooming out is especially helpful if the
whole web page doesn’t seem to fit on your monitor.


Cast Media to Device lets you broadcast your Edge content on compatible devices like an Xbox One. Find on page lets you
search for particular words on a webpage. Pin page to Start puts a shortcut to a page on your Start page. If you’re having
trouble with a page behaving properly in Edge, try Open with Internet Explorer.


Monday, in the 4th part of this series, we’ll look at how extensions work in Microsoft Edge.

~ Cynthia