I like to keep my inbox clean, and with the addition of an extra email account in my life now that I have to use a MAC for work, I need a way to keep up with that easily. So I went looking for apps, normally I wouldn’t bring you something that isn’t available for multiple devices, but I really like Spark and want to share it with those of you who use Apple products. If you’re using an Android device, you might want to try MailDroid.

Spark is very easy to use and lets me manage my email without much effort.  I recommend checking out the video before you begin navigating the site. It does a great job of highlighting all the features it offers. Then all you have to do is scroll down through the page to learn more about the different features.

I love that I can very quickly assess what is important in my inbox and what isn’t. It makes finding the items I need to respond to quickly a breeze. Did I mention this app is free? That makes it even more awesome!

Go check it out for yourself today!