Browsers like Chrome and Firefox have had the option of using browser extensions for quite some time. Now, Microsoft has added the same options to its Edge browser. Let’s take a look at how it works.  First, you’ll need to open Edge, then click that little 3-dot icon on the upper-right side to pull down a menu. Choose Extensions from the menu.


Click on Get extensions from the Store.


Extensions are relatively new, so as of this writing, there were just around 20. Among the options are ad blocking, a password
manager, quick buttons for notebook apps like Evernote, Pocket, and OneNote, a Pinterest save button and an app to use free Microsoft Office apps online.

Just click on an app to see it in the store. You’ll be able to read a description about the app and check out the reviews. You’ll
also be able to see what devices the app works with, read all about what types of permissions it requires for use, and check out. the age rating. If it looks like something you want to try, then click Get.


When you click Extensions, the newly installed extension will be displayed.

To save yourself the trouble of going to the menu and clicking Extensions every single time you want to use the feature, just
click on the item in the extension menu.



From there you can turn the extension of or off and choose to display the button next to your address bar. This is also where
you can uninstall an extension.


The button for that extension will appear next to the address bar in Edge.


Then just click the button to use.

~ Cynthia