A reader’s got a problem with tiny type: “Most every time I print a copy of a document I need, the print is so small – whether it’s from a website, my email or even tips from WorldStart.  I need a magnifying glass to read it. The print is fine when I print a word document.  I am printing from Incredimail.”

When you’re printing from a website, you want to make sure you don’t just choose the print option for the browser.  That’ll just print the entire web page. Your PC will try to shrink that page to fit a sheet of paper and that can make for tiny print.

Instead, you want to find the printer-friendly version of the article. That will give you a text-friendly version. At Worldstart, you’ll find a printer-friendly link for each article in the newsletter and also on the web by clicking the printer icon just below the title of the article.


As for your mail, many mail programs have options when you select print that allow you to enlarge text. From what I can find on the Incredimail support page,  your program doesn’t. But you can copy the text, paste it in a word document, and then print.

~ Cynthia