Options to help kids get creative have come a long way since the days of LightBrite and Spirograph. Google now has a fun, free app called Toontastic 3D that helps elementary school-aged kids create their own 3D cartoons.


Children will be able to use a photo or draw a character in 3D.


They can then plot the story. Animate and narrate the tale and mix a soundtrack.


Children will be able to design everything from documentaries to cooking shows to adventure tales using only their tablet or phone! The movies can be easily exported and there’s no need to log in or save any information about your child.


Toontstic is free to download and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

It’s available in the Google Play store for Android devices, Apple App store for iPhone and iPads, and also in the Chrome App store for select Chromebook models. Give it a try today.

~ Cynthia