I love this site! It combines some of my favorite things in the world – libraries, books, reading, and culture! Reading Europe offers you the ability to get a glimpse inside the national libraries of Europe with this collection of books.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find your browsing options prominently¬†displayed on the main page listed under browse and as tabs at the top of the page. The categories are¬†Countries, Subjects, Languages, and Timeline. You can also use the search engine and the tag cloud beneath it to browse the collection.

I chose to navigate by Country because I wanted to know what each one had to offer to the collection. Browsing that way shows you the countries in alphabetical order where you’ll use the arrows on the right and left of the screen to flip through them. Each country has a collection displayed, and if there are more items in it than fit on the page you can use the arrows under the country’s name to browse the other items in the collection. For example, France has nine pages of items in the collection.

Subject provided another interesting way to view the collections. This way of browsing divides the books up into subject categories like General Works, Philosophy & Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences, and more.

No matter how you choose to browse, you are certain to find an amazing collection of books from libraries across Europe! Go see them for yourself today!