A reader is having a big password problem: “Please advise me what to do when my password is not accepted. I do know my passwords! Then when I change it still not accepted. My apple password was not accepted than when I wanted to change it They were supposed to send me an SMS with the security password,  but it has never arrived. So confusing Please can you give me a solution what do.”


There are a couple of possibilities here. In the vast majority of cases (like around 99.9%) if your password is not accepted, you’re putting it in wrong. Most of us think that’s just not possible, but it is. Companies don’t randomly change your password. They just don’t. There’s nothing in it for them to keep you from your information. If could be that you’ve forgotten a password. (It happens to everyone). Or it could be something like an extra space or character. Maybe you’ve forgotten to capitalize a letter or left off a character like an exclamation point (I’ve done that many times.) If there’s an option to see the password you’re typing, click on that to double-check.

Also, make sure your browser isn’t using auto-fill to fill in the password for you. It could be inserting an old password. That’s something else I’ve seen again and again.


You could just be typing it wrong. Are you pulling it from memory? From a password manager? From a piece of paper?  If it’s from memory or a piece of paper it’s very likely that you’re just putting it in wrong. If you have the password in a document on your PC, try copying and pasting it to make sure you get it exactly right.

As for the password retrieval problems. First, you did set up a phone number for the SMS messages when you created your account, correct?  You’d be surprised at how often people just skip that part and don’t arrange for texts to be sent in case of a problem. There’s a possibility that perhaps you didn’t enter your phone number correctly.  You might try having them send the message again, just in case the text didn’t get through.

You should also have te option on your Apple ID account page to select to have an email sent to an account you’ve selected. Hopefully, you’ve also selected an alternate email address where you can receive the necessary information to reset your password.

Do make sure that you are entering the correct Apple ID, it’s usually the primary email address for your Apple ID account. If none of those steps work, you can click here to contact Apple Support.

The other possibility is that your account has been compromised. Someone could have hacked your account and changed your username and password. Contacting Apple Support is your best option if that’s the case.

~ Cynthia