This site introduces you to the basic concepts of neuroscience with highly detailed images, text, and even interactive content. Let’s dive in!

When you arrive at the site you’ll see that the content is divided into two sections: Intro to Neuroscience and Sensory Systems. I started with the Intro to Neuroscience section, becauseĀ I wasn’t certain if the Sensory Systems sections build on what you’ll learn in the Neuroscience section.

Then I worked through the sections from top to bottom. The first section introduces neurons and their functions (transmitting messages across the brain). The next section is an interactive game where you’ll create and label a neuron. After that, the next section offers a video on how neurons talk to one another. Then you’ll learn about other functions of the brain and finally, learn about technology that can scan the brain (PET and MRI machines).

If you’ve explored all those sections, you’ve made it through Intro to Neuroscience! Why don’t you check out the Sensory Systems next! There you’ll find information about the sense of touch!

This is a really approachable way to get started learning about Neuroscience! Go check it out for yourself today!