An important email can look great if it is written in justified text format. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have the justified option. We will use Microsoft office to compose a message for  Gmail. Just follow the steps:

Note: Please keep in mind that all the arrows used in the following images directed to left and down indicate left click on the mouse and the arrows pointing towards right indicate right click on the mouse.

First, open a New Microsoft Word document on your PC. Write the content of your mail. Then select the whole text by pressing Ctrl + a keys together. It appears blue.

Left click on the justify icon on the formatting toolbar (Look just above the space where Paragraph is written). The selected text turns justified. You could also use this to create centered text or text that’s aligned right.


Now right click on the text and then left click on Copy.


Open your Gmail page inbox. Left-click on Compose.


A New Message appears. Right click on the new mail and click Paste.


Fill out the recipient and the subject and then left click on send. Voila!



~ Riya