Our graphics artist brought up a problem with her iPhone today. It seems that since the latest iOS update, she hasn’t been receiving alerts when she gets a new email on her phone. She has to actually open the mail app to be notified of new messages.  She checked with some friends and they were having the same issue. I decided to look into it, and thankfully, it’s an easy issue to solve.  Here’s how to fix it.

First,  you’ll want to open up Settings by tapping the Settings icon.


Then choose Notifications.


Scroll through the apps and find the Mail app and tap to open.


You’ll see your notification options for Mail.


Make sure notifications are turned on.


Then scroll down to make sure you’ve chosen a style of notifications. If you’ve selected None, you won’t see any notifications.


If you’d like a vibration or a sound for your alert, make sure to tap Sounds.


Choose between vibration or any of the other sounds offered.


~ Cynthia