Welcome to Predictive World! The University of Cambridge has put together an algorithm that can extrapolate predictions about you and your life from your online data.

When you load into the site the introduction will play and will explain how the predictor works. You’ll connect with Facebook, and it will analyze your online presence to make predictions about you. (You can also choose to not connect and then tweak the data yourself to be representative of you as a person and then it will calculate your predictions based on your input.) It may also ask you share your location, this is one time I’d suggest allowing it. It will calculate data based on your location (like chance of homicide).

Now that you’ve connected or input data, it will process the data to make predictions about you. The prediction categories are Health, Profile, Environment, Family, Preferences, Work, and Psychology. If you click Data Index at the top left of the page, you’ll open up another way to interact with the data (in my opinion it’s easier to interface with from this menu).

You’ll want to fix any sliders that don’t represent you. For example, it predicts that I have a 11.6 chance of using recreational marijuana. In reality, I have a zero chance, so I’ll want to fix that slider. The same goes for smoking and drinking. I also had to fix my height and weight, because that’s not readily available from the data set it is working with.

After you’ve fixed your data, take a look again at the various sections to see how they’ve changed. Did your life expectancy go up or down? Did your Myers Briggs Personality type change? Are you more or less open to risk taking.

I think this is a really interesting way to see and understand how the way you represent yourself online might come across to people viewing your profile. My online presence has a slightly different Myers Briggs personality type than my offline presence, which I found fascinating!

Once you’re done looking at the predictions you have the option to share it on social media with your friends and family. Once you’ve closed out of the site, it will flush your data, so you don’t have to worry about it hanging out in their program.

Go check it out for yourself today!