Your Flying Car Has Arrived (Kind Of)

For those of you waiting patiently all these years for your flying car to arrive, you’ll want to check out the Ehang 184 AAV. This battery-powered, low-altitude drone can hold one passenger and fly 40 miles on a charge.


This is an entirely automated vehicle, controlled by operators back at a control center. The passenger just sits there and enjoys the ride. There have been several hundred successful flights and it’s currently being tested in Dubai.

Click here to check out some pretty amazing video of the Ehang in action.

 Windows 7 Holds Nearly Half Of Desktop Operating System Market

Windows 7 is holding strong as the most popular desktop/laptop operating system. According to Netmarketshare, it is currently found on 47% of devices.  Windows 10 has roughly half that many users coming in at 25% of the market. The no-longer-supported XP is still found on an alarming 9% of devices, while Windows 8.1 in on under just 7%. Vista, which loses support in April, is found on less than 1% of devices.  All versions of the Mac OS combined account for about 5% of devices. All versions of Linux total add up to a little over 2%.

Unlimited Data Plans Are Back In Style

Unlimited data plans, which took a hit a couple of years back, are suddenly back in fashion. Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon already offer plans and now AT & T is jumping on the bandwagon with a $100 a month single-line plan. You can add additional lines for $40 per month.

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You can also add tablets or connected cars for $40 per month each. A wearable like a smart watch will cost an additional $10.

~ Cynthia