Yesterday we looked at why you might want to send a Cc message in Gmail when sharing a message with multiple recipients.

But what if you don’t necessarily want someone to know that you’ve shared that message with other people? That’s where the Bcc (blind carbon copy) option comes in handy. When you choose this option, the To and Cc recipients will be able to see who else received the message and view the other recipients’ email addresses. But they won’t be able to see the Bcc recipients. However, those Bcc recipients will be able to see them.

To add Bcc recipient(s), left click on the Bcc icon at the right-hand side of To, just after the Cc icon.


A new line appears just above the Subject line.


Type the addresses of the people you intend to add as Bcc recipients. Don’t forget to add To recipient(s) (and Cc recipient(s) if needed).

Finish writing the mail, and left click on send.

~ Riya Kayal