Here’s a minor Facebook change that many will likely find to be a major annoyance. Videos will not autoplay with the sound turned on. Previously, they were muted by default. According to Facebook, this is an update that will make “watching video on Facebook richer, more engaging and more flexible.”

Loosely translated it means not enough people were turning the audio on for ads.  Now, the audio won’t play if you’ve got your phone set to silent or if you’re listening to a music app while you scroll through Facebook.

Plus, it’s easy enough to shut off.  Let me show you how.  For the Facebook app on your smart phone, tap the three-line menu icon and then choose App Settings.


Scroll down to turn Videos in News Feed Start With Sound off.

For a browser, click the little arrow to the far right at the top of the page and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Then look for videos to the left.


Choose the drop-down menu next in Auto-Play to shut the function off.



~ Cynthia