I have cautioned you many times about spreading Facebook hoaxes about privacy rules or fake contests. Several times I’ve been asked this question, “What’s the harm? Better safe than sorry, right?”


I have to disagree.  I think it’s always wrong to spread falsehoods. Especially falsehoods that can do harm. How can things like this do harm? They encourage a certain type of behavior, blindly believing what you see posted online with no effort to check it out. Posts like these could contain instructions that actually diminish your privacy settings. Sometimes they have links to alleged contests or rebates that infect your PC with malware that can steal your information or the names of your contacts.  Your friends trust you. They think you wouldn’t post something false and scammers are preying on that trust to get to them.

This is also a way for crooks to seek our who to target with other scams like cloning accounts. If a person is gullible enough to fall for one scam, you go on their list for being gullible enough to fall for another. Yep, you could inadvertently be putting a target on the back of a pal, perhaps a vulnerable one. It’s a lot like litter. Yeah, one piece of trash tossed out the window won’t do much harm, but eventually, it adds up. Don’t litter Facebook.

~ Cynthia