Air Table is a really powerful organization tool. It is as simple as a spreadsheet (columns and rows) but has the power of ┬árelational database (allows you to link things together), and best of all it’s free and easy to use.

When you arrive at the site, I suggest watching the video on the main page. It shows how kids can use to keep track of everything they need to do make a movie. After the movie, scroll down the main page and click the blue Take the Tour button. The tour will take you to another video that will walk you through how Air Table works and the different kinds of things you can use it for like planning a move, job searching (what I’m using it for), managing projects, and more.

I love that you can add fields like links, checkboxes, dropdowns, and file attachments. That means I can link to the job listing and then create a column that I can attach all my application materials to, so I have them all collated in one place. You can even download this for multiple devices, so you can use it on the go from your smartphone.

This is a really powerful organization tool! Check it out for yourself today!