Choosing what kind of music to listen to can often seem like a chore. Even with easy access to apps like Spotify, which put a whole lot of music at your fingertips, it can be taxing to decide on which artist or genre you’d like to listen to at a given point.

For instance, often when I write, I don’t want to spend thirty minutes deciding what music to play. I just want some background music to start immediately so I can get on with the job at hand and not waste time choosing the perfect music. Who hasn’t needed some unobtrusive background at one time or another?

Last week I discovered Vibesmood, which has been a perfect solution to my background music needs. There is not much to this web app; it is a simple online music player that comes equipped with a whole bunch of playlists that are categorized within five ‘moods’, namely awake, chill, love, sad and spicy.

Just choose the mood you are in, click on a playlist and the music just starts playing. Vibesmood sources most of its music from independent artists so not only is it a good way to find new music that you otherwise won’t hear on commercial radio or TV, it also feels good to support upcoming independent artists.


They also link back to the artists’ page so that you can follow them on Soundcloud, which is a great idea as many of them offer free song downloads on their pages as well.

The interface is minimal and that works very well. You can move through songs and playlists seamlessly and there are no ads whatsoever. The music plays seamlessly as well while you browse through the site and check out different playlists. The player does not use up too much memory and should not slow down the system at all.

The music selection is top notch and they have clearly curated these playlists manually to fit the right mood. So if you are in the mood for some hassle free music to listen to, do give Vibesmood a try.

~ Yogesh