I got this response to my article about finding your settings in a browser with Yahoo MailHey Yahoo! Folks are complaining about the ‘NEW’ Yahoo Mail. They indicate they want to change back to ‘BASIC’. You tell them to go to the ‘GEAR’ Settings Icon “in the upper right corner.”PROBLEM IS….THERE IS NO ‘GEAR’ ICON IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER…AND…IT IS NOTCANYWHERE ELSE TO BE FOUND! A large portion of your users feel the system is unfriendly & bad! It IS NOT a matter of ‘getting used to it’…it IS horrible. And to make matters worse…YOU INSULT US BY TELLING US TO GO TO A NON-EXISTENT ‘GEAR’ ICON TO CHANGE BACK TO ‘BASIC! Yahoo…GIVE US BACK THE OPTION to switch  to the e-mail format that works best for us.”

I contacted the reader and asked for an inbox screenshot to see if I couldn’t troubleshoot the issue. I received this along with a note indicating that the user is using Safari on their iPhone but also experiencing issues Firefox and Chrome.

First, for your phone, I suggest following that suggestion to install the Yahoo! Mail app or setting up the Mail app on your phone to receive your Yahoo! mail.  Using a browser to retrieve email on a phone will always be clunky. Instructions for desktop browsers won’t work for phone browser apps.


Once the app is installed, just tap the menu button.


Then tap the Settings gear.


You won’t see a basic email option for the app. This is the basic version for an app. The basic version is designed to be compatible with older versions of desktop browsers that might not be able to fully display some of the features. As for Chrome and Firefox, I can think of a couple of possibilities.  I have a Yahoo inbox open in both browsers and I do have the gear icon for both. One issue I can think of  is demonstrated by the Chrome screenshot below:


It certainly looks as if no gear icon is available, but if you look at the bottom of the page, you see this slider bar.


Let’s click on it and drag it all the way to the right.


Now, if you look up at the top right – there’s that gear icon!


Other things that can help are clearing the cache fro the browser or resetting the browser.  Another reason you might not be seeing that gear seems a little obvious, but I’ve talked to a few folks where this has been the case. If your inbox looks like this:



You are actually already in the Basic setting, so you won’t see any gear symbol.  Let me know if any of this helps.

~ Cynthia