A reader is looking for the best method of transferring her photo files.

My problem is I have a Vista computer (old I know)with all my kids’ photos on it. I bought an external hard drive to back up these pictures, but the ones that will hook to a Vista won’t hook to a new computer. So, I was thinking I would put them all on a flash drive and transfer, that way I have another back up before putting on an external. Please comment if this would work and be a decent idea. My Vista computer is getting ready to die and I don’t want to lose my pictures. Thanks for advice in advance!


That sounds like a great solution I’m not sure how many images you have on that Vista PC, but unless you’re looking at a TB for more, a flash drive would be the simplest way.  A decent-sized flash drive can probably handle all of your photos in one trip.  If you have a couple of hundred gigs worth of images, it might take two.


Another option is just to use Microsoft OneDrive to transfer to a new PC.  You get 5 GB for free. Even if you have a lot of images, you could move a couple of GBs, then delete and move the rest.


Truthfully, you should have already had those photos backed up. Family photos are way too precious to only have one copy stored on one device.

For the future, I suggest not only keeping a copy on an external device such as a flash drive, but also keeping an extra copy offsite from your home somewhere like a safe deposit box or backed up in a cloud account. Preferably both!

You’re making the switch just in time. Support for Vista is ending next month and I’m sure you don’t want to use an unsecured system to store your precious memories.

~ Cynthia