A reader is having an issue with a game she plays on Facebook.  “How can I cancel a credit card on Facebook?  I play the Island Experiment Game and they are charging double. I have Windows 10 and IE.”

At its heart, what you’re looking at here is a customer service dispute. Your operating system or browser really doesn’t matter.  If you want to keep playing the game, but just want to fix the double-payment issue, you could first try to resolve the issue by contacting the game.

If you’re having a dispute about a game, you should look for the support options for the games.  If you’re playing with a mobile app, you should be able to find that by hitting the menu icon. I searched for “Island Experiment” on Facebook and found the page below.


On the left side, there’s a link for a Help centre.  This could also be called something like support.


When I click on that, I’m taken to a page that offers links for Tech Issues, Account, and Payments.


If I click Payments, I get an option to look at billing. Every site will be a bit different, but you’ll likely find that type of information under account or payments with almost any game.


If you’d just prefer to remove the method of payment from your Facebook account, I’ll how you how to take care of that in part 2 of this article.

~ Cynthia