I don’t know about you, but I find it really annoying to have to log out of one Gmail account to log into another, and keeping multiple tabs open is often hard to keep track of. I’ve sent plenty of emails out from the wrong email address by trying to use different accounts in different tabs.  Now, there is a simple solution. Shift is a client that allows you to manage multiple inboxes at once from a single dashboard.

The free level allows you to manage to e-mail addresses at once. This is great because a lot of people don’t have more than two accounts, and if you do have more than two accounts you can try this out to see if the platform works for you before investing money in it. I fall into the latter category. I have roughly five email address that use Gmail and wanted to see if there was an easier way to manage them. That’s how I found Shift.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll get started by clicking the green Download now button. This will have you provide an email address to get your secure link. You can also scroll down the main page to learn more about the features that Shift offers.

You should receive an email from Shift with your secure download link. Click the link and the client will start downloading and then run the .exe to install Shift. Once it’s installed you’ll setup the e-mail addresses that you want manage by providing the address, creating a label for it, and selecting a color. I put in my main Gmail address, labeled it Main, and chose the color green. Then you’ll log into your account, set permissions, and then set up the next account. Remember you only get two accounts with the free version!

You’ll then set what is the default email for messaging by selecting a primary account. I love that it still looks and works like the Gmail client, but now there’s an added bar on the left side of the screen that lets me easily flip between accounts. The only annoying thing I noticed is that the first time you log into each account it gives you notifications for all your new mail.

So far this looks like a great way to manage multiple mail accounts with ease! Try Shift today!