In January, the Pew Research Center released their findings on Americans and Cybersecurity. They found that 64% of Americans don’t trust the government or social media websites to keep their personal information safe! That’s a large percentage. I hope those 64%¬†of Americans are taking their own measures to keep their data safe.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a six-page report divided into the following categories: Overview, Americans’ experience with data security, Password management and mobile security, Attitudes about cybersecurity, and the acknowledgments and methodology.

You can read the report straight through (that’s what I did) or you can use the Table of Contents on the right side of the page to hop around the different sections. I was really glad to see they included mobile security, there are so many people who don’t take care to protect the data on their smartphones. I can’t tell you the number of phones I’ve had turned into me at the library that don’t even have a screen lock on them!

Go check this report out today and learn things that you can do to better protect your data!