Burger-Flipping Robot Goes To Work

Look out burger flippers! A robot wants your jobs.  Miso Robotics’ kitchen robot, nicknamed Flippy, is manning the grill and promising perfect burgers every single time.


The latest restaurant chain to add Flippy to the lineup is CaliBurger, which plans to have Flippy up and running in 50 locations in the next two years. You can catch Flippy in action by clicking here.

Roomba Adds Voice Control

If having a robot vacuum cleaner isn’t cool enough all by itself, you can now control your cleaner with your voice.  Roomba has just added the ability to voice control your vacuum using Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa.


And you won’t need a new Roomba to carry it off. The tech will be available on all versions of the vacuum new and old.  The new feature will be available this summer.

Gita Offers A Robot Assistant

Next up, in this special all-robot edition of In The News: Meet Gita! This personal cargo assistant from the maker of Vespa scooters can carry up to 40 lbs of groceries or whatever else you’d like to have carried.


Users wear a special belt and Gita connects to the belt’s sensors to follow you wherever you go. Since Gita is smart, it can map out the environment.  Open the top lid and put anything from your school books to your diaper bag to your packages inside. Gita simply rolls along behind you carrying the package. The device has a 360 degree camera that allows it to see where it’s going.  You can catch Gita in action by clicking here.

~ Cynthia