A reader is annoyed by something in her Gmail. “What is the purpose of the annoying little hand in Gmail? It keeps coming up when I am going thru my emails.”

That annoying little hand is your cursor. It turns from an arrow to a pointing finger in your Gmail inbox to let you know that you can click to open another link.

If you’d prefer another type of cursor for this option, you can change it. Type change how the mouse pointer looks into your search box and click on the result.


When the Mouse Properties menu opens, click the Pointers tab.


Look under Customize and then scroll down to find out which function you’re using the hand with the pointing finger to represent. Here’s you’ll see it is on the default of Link Select.


You have the option to change it, but I will warn you that you’ll probably want to make sure that you don’t use the same icon for Link Select that you do for something else. You want to know when you have that option.  If you want to change, select the function and then chose Browse.


You can then choose from a variety of options in the Cursors folder.  If you find one you like, select it and choose Open.


Make sure to click OK or Apply when you’re finished.

~ Cynthia