Automatically Clean Your PC With Task Scheduler: Part 1

“Today I feel like defragmenting my disk” – Said nobody, ever.

Let`s get real here, although we all know that computer maintenance is important when it comes to ensuring the best performance, we won’t defrag our disk or clean registry and file system as often as we should. Sometimes because we don’t have enough time, or simply because we’re lazy. Whatever the reason, today is your lucky day! With this simple guide, you will learn how to automate all this work and simplify many other tasks in a few steps and using only one tool, which is also included by default in our Windows system: the Task scheduler.

Getting started

First, let’s find it! On Windows 7 as on 8, 8.1 and 10, you can find Task Scheduler between the administrative tools, just go to Control Panel->System and security->Administrative Tools-> Task Scheduler.

The fastest way is just typing “schedule” on the Windows 7 Search box from the Start Menu or Windows 10 Cortana’s. For Windows 8, type it on the start screen and click on “Schedule tasks”

This is the Task Scheduler window. In the center, you can see a brief description of the tool itself, the tasks that have started in a determined period (check the drop-down menu, blue rectangle), and the tasks that are currently active.

Now let’s open the wizard to start creating a basic task. On the “Actions” column, located on the right of the window, click on “Create basic task”.


This wizard will allow us to create tasks like running a program, display a message, restart or turn off our computer (very useful when downloading big files), among others, the sky is the limit! You can trigger them by time interval, at startup, when a user logs in or by events log.

In the next part of this article, we’ll begin setting up a schedule for disk defragment.

~ Hernan Escalante

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