The Next Best Thing To Himmel

Himmel, the town where my Goode-Grace mysteries takes place, is a figment of my imagination. Well, mostly.

While there is no town with that name in Northwest Ohio, there is a town named Bryan that has a whole lot in common with my fictional community. Most noticeable the Courthouse Square. Here’s the Bryan Courthouse.

Yes, there’s a lovely park in front of the courthouse.

Though, the over-friendly squirrels are based on my time going to school in Bowling Green, Ohio. But, I’ll bet Bryan has its share of the little beggars as well.

And, there’s a lovely little downtown movie theater, too.

These pictures are courtesy of my cousin, Carol. She happens to own an educational supply store right on the square. A lot of the businesses in my mysteries have real-life counterparts on the square.

I hope to bring you more pictures of them later.

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