How Can I See Photos?

A reader is pretty fired up about photos in Windows 10.  “I am surviving with Windoze 10, (I prefer 7! – Somebody SHOOT Bill Gates!), but I have one question – “HOW can I see pictures when I list them in the directory?”  All I can see are icons!  With over 21 thousand graphics in over 100 folders, it’s maddening as hell to have to either go by the filenames or clicking to see EACH ONE individually!  HELP!!!”

No need to get violent. The process for viewing photos is very similar in both Windows 7 and Windows 10.  I suspect you’re viewing them in the Photos app, which is designed more for touch-screens and is focused heavily on visuals.



For organizational purposes, I suggest using File Explorer. Just open it and select your Pictures files.


At the top, click the View tab.


You can see images as Extra-Large Icons, Large, Medium, or Small Icons.

Or choose List

Or Details to sort by date, type, size, and tags.


Choose Content for a view with a thumbnail, date and size information.

Select the Home tab for editing options. The image will open in the Photo app, which has basic editing tools.

The Manage tab give you the option to create slideshows or set images as backgrounds.


~ Cynthia

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