I had an interesting question from a reader: “What is the difference between Internet Explorer and Edge and why did MS even create Edge?”


That’s a big question. There are a lot of difference between the browsers. Let me see if I can break it down into what I consider the basic difference.

1. Edge is considered to be a more modern browser with a cleaner look. It has a similar look to Chrome & Firefox. Edge is designed to work with the most current web standards like HTML 5.

2. It’s designed for a cross-platform experience. The look of Edge on a Windows phone or tablet will be similar to the interface of the browser version.

3. It will be able to run extensions. Extensions are smaller programs that run inside browsers.

4. Edge is faster to load because it uses a different rendering engine.

5. It offers features like Web Note and Reading View.

6. It’s safer than Internet Explorer. Support for Active X plug-ins has been removed and there is better overall security to prevent attacks.

7. Edge in only available in Windows 10.

That certainly doesn’t cover all the differences. Why didn’t they just update IE and call this browser Internet Explorer 12?  Microsoft wanted to make clear that this was a new browser and also to avoid any confusion with IE 11, which is still in use because many business programs require some of the features of this browser.