In response to our article on WordPad, we heard from a frustrated user: “I used to use Word Pad all the time and loved it.  But as of about 4-5 years ago (can\’t remember exactly), they changed it somewhat. You CANNOT single space in Word Pad.  Whoever reprogrammed it did a disservice to this program.  I checked on it a number of times and was told that this option is not available.  It will double space every time you hit the enter key.  You can change it alright, but it reverts right back to double spacing.  Not very helpful.”

It is possible to You can single-space in WordPad.  Just click the arrow beside the spacing icon at the top and choose single-space.


Make sure you haven’t ticked the box to add space every time you hit enter.


Double-space is the default for WordPad. So you’ll have to change the spacing whenever you start a new document. But there is a way around that.

Open WordPad.  Change the spacing on your blank document to single space (1.0) and no space after a paragraph.


Choose Save as.


Name the blank document something like “WordPad2” and save it to your desktop. You could also save to Documents and pin to your start menu.


When you want a new document, click on that WordPad2 document on the desktop. Right click on that file and choose properties.


Tick the box next to Read-only. Then choose OK.


When you want to use WordPad, just open this file. When you save the document, you will have to Save As and change the file name.

~ Cynthia