Why Won’t My DVD Movies Play?

A reader had an issue playing movies he’s recorded on a DVD player. “I have one of those tiny cameras that record in .mov files. I also have a Coby V-zon portable disc player. When I try to play a recorded DVD it says wrong disc! I have tried several different times and with different types of disc. Both DVD and cd. Nothing works from this camera. The disc works fine on the computer. What am I doing wrong?”


It looks like you’re trying to play the wrong type of file format on your player. Checking out the info for your DVD player, it says it plays DVD movies, .jpg picture files, and .mp3 sound files. Most DVD players will play MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video files only, unless it says otherwise in the documentation.

You’ll need to convert those .mov files to another format before burning them to DVD. You don’t say what program you’re using to burn the DVD, but many will have the option to burn as a file that will play on a DVD player. Or look for the option to play as an MPEG-2 or 4 file.

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