In almost all web browsers today, it is possible to view multiple pages by loading the websites into “tabbed” sections of one window, rather than multiple windows, which is called “tabbed browsing”.

When using tabbed browsing, you open the pages of multiple websites one after another in a single window.

First, open your browser. Here, I’m using Chrome

I’m going to start off by searching for “Taj Mahal.”

The results show up one below another. This is our parent tab i.e. tab 1. Right-click on the desired link, and choose Open link in new tab  from the drop-down menu.

That website will open in a second tab.

You can do this multiple times and the links will open in new tabs that will be created to the right of the previous tabs.


Don’t overdo it on the tabs, though. Having a bunch of them open can really tax your PC.  You can navigate between tabs using your mouse to click on the tabs or with keyboard shortcuts.

Press and hold Ctrl, hit ‘+’ followed by any number from 1-8 to go to the tab of that number counting from left. Pressing Ctrl, ‘+’ and 9 takes you to the rightmost tab. Pressing Ctrl and Tab keys together will navigate through the opened tabs in a clockwise fashion. Whereas Ctrl, Shift, Tab keys when pressed simultaneously, will move through the tabs in an anti-clockwise fashion.

Pressing Fn (function) and F11 keys together will display the current tab in full-screen mode. Pressing Fn and F11 again will exit this mode.

To close any individual tab, just click the x in the right corner of the tab.


We’ll learn more tips for tabbed browsing in Chrome in future articles.

~ Riya