Vista Support Is Finished

Microsoft ended security support for Windows Vista this week. April 11, was the last day the system was supported. When support ends it means there are no security patches or bug fixes from Microsoft and an operating system is nearly impossible to protect if you use it online. If you go online with Internet Explorer 9, you are especially vulnerable.


Vista was an unpopular operating system when it arrived on the scene 10 years ago. Users preferred to stick with XP. Less than 2% of users have Vista, so the end of support is less dramatic than with the very popular Windows XP. FYI: support for Windows 7 ends in 2020. So, now is the time to start saving for a new device.

Galaxy 8 Makes Users Forget About Exploding Note 7

The disaster of the recall of exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones doesn’t seem to have put consumers off purchasing Samsung’s flagship Galaxy phones.


Pre-order sales are strong, well ahead of the figures for the Galaxy 7 model.

Would the issues with the Note 7 make you leery of buying the new Samsung model?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

Microsoft Fixes Office Flaws

The latest security update from Microsoft takes care of a serious security hole in Microsoft Office, one that’s already been exploited by hackers. The flaw allows hackers to create a malicious rich text document that can attack your PC when opened in either Word or WordPad.

There are also updates to fix potential problems in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

~ Cynthia