In a previous article, we learned about tabbed browsing in Chrome and how to navigate the tabs. Today, we’re going to learn ever more.

Our first tip:  How to save the contents of a tab as an HTML file. Just click on the tab and press Ctrl and s. You’ll save that page as file to your PC.

If you’d like to bookmark a tab, just press Ctrl and d or hit the start icon in the address bar.  You can save a page by its default same or give it a name you prefer by typing in the Name field. When you’re finished, hit Done.


Press Ctrl + P to print the current tab to your default printer. You can also choose Microsoft Print to PDF to convert the page to a PDF file.


Pressing Ctrl + L will move the cursor to the address bar of your current tab.  You can exit by clicking the X icon on a tab or by pressing Ctrl + W.  If you accidentally close a tab, press Shift+Ctrl+t to reopen that tab.

To open a new tab, just click on the blank spot to the right of your open tabs or press Ctrl+t.


If you have a video or audio open in a tab and you need to mute it, right-click on an open area of the address bar and select Mute tab from the drop-down menu. To resume sound, just follow the same steps and choose Unmute tab.


To close the entire Chrome program, just click the X in the upper-right corner or press the Alt and F 4 keys together.

~ Riya