From May to October in 2013 Oxford University hosted an exhibit on Magical Books, while the exhibit is closed now you can still see the virtual exhibit at today’s Cool Site.

When you arrive you’ll find the introductory text to the exhibit, but if you scroll down the page past that you’ll find the Explore the Exhibit links. A collection of twelve sections the delve into the depths of magical books from the Middle Ages to Middle-Earth.

Each section will explain briefly the text being explored and the provide artifacts that pertain to that text. For example, if you click into Owl Service, you’ll learn about the original story¬†and Alan Garner’s retelling of it, and then you’ll find images of archival items relating to the story – a ceramic plate and Garner’s manuscript.

In addition to exploring all these books, if you look at the left side menu, you’ll see that there are other online exhibits you can check out like Ming Maps, Remembering Radcliffe, Colonial Nursing: Travel and Travail, and more!

Go check them out for yourself today!