Welcome to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum’s online exhibit Inside the Wrapper: True Tales of the Mountain Mist Quilt Patterns.

This exhibit is an amazing bit of quilting history. In 1929, Stearns & Foster Company started printing free quilting patterns on the inside of the paper wrapping of their Mountain Mist batting. These patterns are the subject matter of this online exhibit.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find a great introductory paragraph, a video introduction, and a large red View the Exhibition button. After reading the intro and checking out the video, click the button to start exploring the exhibit.

This takes you to the gallery of quilts. Click on a quilt that catches your fancy, and you’ll be able to see a larger version of the quilt with information about it beneath the image. You’ll learn when the pattern was published, it’s name, the name of the quilt maker if known, and where it falls in the series of patterns released by Mountain Mist. There are twenty-four different quilts to check out!

This is a really cool look into quilting history. Go see it for yourself today!