Ubuntu Drops Tablet & Phone Plans

Ubuntu is giving up on the idea of a unified system that would work across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.  The company dropped their involvement in Unity8, an OS designed to work across platforms. The company instead decided to focus on cloud computing and providing technology for smarthomes.


The company will return to the GNOME desktop with the release of Ubuntu 18.04 next year.

Apple Can Test Self-Driving Cars In California

First, it was the Apple Watch. Now, the Apple Car could be just around the corner. The company has received permission to start testing autonomous vehicles in California.


Apple joins companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla on the road.

Chrome Is Browser King

Chrome continues to reign as the most popular desktop browser. In March, Google’s browser was used by nearly 59% of all PCs accessing the web. Internet Explorer was in second place with just under 20%. Firefox holds the number 3 spot with nearly 12% of users. Edge is still struggling to find wide adoption, accounting for less than 6% of the users, which Safari accounts for just over 3%.

~ Cynthia