I’m a huge advocate for Open Education if you can’t tell from the links I share here regularly, and I’m so happy to be able to share today’s site that is full of free resources educators can use.

When you arrive the site, you’ll find three sections – Courses and Materials, About, and Resources. You want to head over to Courses and Materials to find the complete courses you can use to teach with. You can also use these programs to teach yourself the materials they contain.

I recommend picking Featured Courses from the menu that drops down because it gives you a nice overview of the kinds of materials you’ll get in each course. After that head to OCL Courses.¬†You’ll find a wide variety ranging from Accounting to English to Psychology to Spanish. Each lists a brief description of the course beneath the title, and you can click into to access the materials.

This is a great resource for free educational materials. Go check it out for yourself today!