This site offers a really cool way to explore live radio around the globe.

When you load into the site, you might want to click the speaker in the top right of the page to make the awful radio static noise go away until you pick a radio station. You’ll find that you navigate around the site by rotating the globe. All the little green dots on the globe represent possible listening experiences. You can zoom in and out with the +- buttons at the bottom left of the page, or by using your mouse wheel. Then select a green dot to start listening to music.

At the top left of the page, you’ll find navigation options for Live (the default), History, Jingles, and Stories. These categories offer you different types of content for your listening pleasure. If you click them, your globe will switch to that type of programming.

Beneath those categories, if you click the iĀ button, you’ll find information about the site and the specific types of content you’ll find in the other categories.

Go discover new music today!